Alliance of Hope People’s 21st Century CHINA: The Roots of Madness
Aftermath of Empire: Is There Life after the LDP? Interview with Muto Ichiyo / Mark Selden
Alliance of Hope - PP21 Dialogues Underway Rebuilding a Rural Life Interview with Sugawara Shoichi & Kanno Yoshihide / Douglas Lummis
Alliance of Hope Nurturing Farming Alternatives — Farmers Discuss the Future of Agriculture
Alliance of Hope Give Us Back the Rights to Live with Nature! Interview with Kayano Shigeru / Douglas Lummis
Alliance of Hope Restoring our Ship, Regaining our Native Land Interview with Narita Tokuhei & Narita Utarian / Douglas Lummis
Alliance of Hope How can we become Shisamu of Ainu? Interview with PP21 Hokkaido Planning Committee / Douglas Lummis
Alliance of Hope Toward a Multi-Ethnic Republic in the Japanese Archipelago: A Working Proposal for an Alternative Program / Hanasaki Kohei
Alliance of Hope Long, Cold Winter — an Ainu Childhood Recalled / Chikap Mieko
Alliance of Hope Living with a Poisoned Past: A Report from Minamata / Lawrence Surendra
No Place in the Sun: The Color of Life in Japan - a Filipino Day Laborer’s Diary / Rey Ventura
No Place in the Sun: Down by Law: Wantana’s Case / Fujimoto Nobuki
Smash the Revision of the Immigration Law! / Inyaku Tomoya
The Japanese Labor Movement: Toward Total Dissolution? / Watanabe Ben
Women Workers and the Multinationals: The Shin-Shirasuna Case / Tono Haruhi
Gaining Militancy : Taiwan Workers / Kawano Kazuto
Plundering the Amazon: Notes on the Greater Carajas Program / Atila P. Roque IBASE/PARC
Debt, Trade and Foreign Aid: New Facets in the Philippine Japan Relations
Rejecting Aquino’s False Promises: The KMP Land Reform Program Interview with Jose Feliciano
The National Maritime Polythechnic -Japanese ODA Bringing Profits Home from the Philippines / Hino Kosaku
The Alter-Trade Network: People’s Trade and Solidarity Before Profits Interview with Hotta Masahiko / Muriel Ordonez
CHINA: the Roots of Madness / Mark Selden and Kagami Mitsuyuki