AMPO Nos. 78-79 / Vol. 20, No.4-Vol. 21, No.1(1989)

Alliance of Hope People's 21st Century CHINA: The Roots of Madness Aftermath of Empire: Is There Life after the LDP? Interview with Muto Ichiyo / Mark Selden Alliance of Hope - PP21 Dialogues Underway Rebuilding a Rural Life Interview with Sugawara Shoichi & Kanno Yoshihide / Douglas Lummis Alliance…

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AMPO No. 77 / Vol. 20, No.3 (1988)

Touching up the Emperor System Crossing the Divide Moon IK-hwan's historic mission to Pyongyang Crossing the Divide A front line report from Moon Ik-hwan'shistoric mission to Pyongyang Interview with Chung Kyong-mo Joint Statement, released from Pyongyang The Emperor System and the Limit of Postwar …

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AMPO No. 73 / Vol. 19, No.3 (1987)

The Global Tentacles of the Moonies streched from Japan: The profits of anti-communism The Moonies: Who are They? The nature of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity / Takahashi Yoshio The anti-espionage legislation and the Moonies: A critical background / Chamoto Shi…

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AMPO No. 71 / Vol. 19, No.1 (1987)

Japanese industry Moves out Expansion abroad, depression at home OISCA: From a classroom in Shizuoka to a paddyfield in Thailand, initials which spell nationalism / Hayashi Masayuki Setting Up Shop: Cutting labor costs, evading trade barriers, across Asia, Europe and USA, a rash of Japanese companie…

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AMPO Nos. 68-69 / Vol. 18, No.2 & 3 (1986)

The challenge facing Japanese women Redefining the state: Nakasone's election victory and after / Muto Ichiyo Superwomen next door / Yamato Setsuko Strengthening the Web - 15 years of Japanese Women's Activism / Inoue Reiko Myth and Reality: Institutional Reform for Women / Hayashi Yoko Remolding Te…

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AMPO No. 64 / Vol. 17, No.2 (1985)

"Call Us Red Fighters" From a Liberated Zone in the Philippines / Yamada Mariko The Philippines: Report from Sariaya / Douglas Lummis INSIDE JAPAN Japan's Long Hot Summer Resistance Mounts against Fingerprinting / Yoshinaga Chosei INSIDE JAPAN Rally Report: "No Tomahawk/Asia Pacific Day" INSIDE JAPA…

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AMPO No. 5 (1970)

Behind the Barbed Wire: Black Rebellion at Iwakuni Marine BaseAMPO 70, Part IV: Okinawa in the American EmpireThe Student Rebellion at Nihon University: An Interview with Akehiro AkitaThe Struggle Against Repression: An Inteview with Ken AbeJapan's First HijackingSanrizuka Fight Continues: Forced Su…

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AMPO No. 2 (1969)

・AMPO 70, Part II: The Deal ・Massive Armed Uprisings Mark Sato's Departure for US ・AMPO Interviews Yoshikawa Yuichi

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