The Global Tentacles of the Moonies streched from Japan: The profits of anti-communism
The Moonies: Who are They? The nature of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity / Takahashi Yoshio
The anti-espionage legislation and the Moonies: A critical background / Chamoto Shigemasa
Moonie Money: Their Japanese financial base exposed / Narusawa Muneo
INSIDE JAPAN “Solidarity occurs when you find your problem”, Interview with Ronald Fujiyoshi, a fingerprint refuser
INSIDE JAPAN Miyakejima islanders unite in opposition to the U.S. base construction / Matsumoto Michitomo
Review essay: purity vs contamination ー A cultural link between burakumin and the emperor / Tanaka Yuki
Low-Intensity Conflict: Sowing seeds of grass-roots fascism in the Philippines / Sara Miles
International Solidarity Conference in Cordillera, Philippines: Asia-Pacific indigenous peoples claim their place as authors of their own destiny / Douglas Lummis
The root of the situation: At loggerheads in Conner / Douglas Lummis
The Bodong: Tradition of the future? Interview with Daniel Ngayaan, Chairman of Cordillera Bodong Association
The Free Papua Movement fights back / Victor Kaisiepo
Heightened tentions in Belau: The nuclear-free constitution in crisis / Arakawa Syunji
Skewing self-determination  Interview with Peter Sugiyama, peace polititian