Letters From Our Friends – Repression in Ceylon / Jaya Vithana
Eye of the Times — Nothing to Offer: Tanaka Kakuei Steps into Power / Muto Ichiyo
Peasants’ Guerrillas on Vietnam Second Front: A Report on the 25 Years’ Struggle for the Land of Kitafuji / Kaji Etsuko
Revolt of SDF Soldiers
Icarus Falls: History and Ideology of Red Army / Kitazawa Yoko and Muto Ichiyo
Repression and Anti-War — GI Coffeehouse at Iwakuni / R.T. Hobbit
History of Distorted History — Truth About Tiao Yu Tai Islands / Kitazawa Yoko
Racism and Japanese Immigration Policy / Nagano Yoshiko
Economic Analysis (3): One Drop of Oil, One Drop of Blood — Japanese Imperialism and Oil in Asia / Murata Goro
A Blow to Japanese Chauvinism From an Ancient Tomb / Suzuki Takejuh
“I Direct Pan Am 841 to Hanoi” / Viet Thai-Binh
Film Review: “The Okinawan Archipelago” by Higashi Production