AMPO No. 96 / Vol. 25, No. 2, (1994)

The Politics of Garbage JAPAN WATCH The Shimodate Incident From an Interview with Takahashi Hiromichi JAPAN WATCH Slavery International Solidarity for Three Thai Women Victims of Modern Slavery Shimodate Court Case, Japan JAPAN WATCH Giving the SDF New Fangs / Ikeda Itsunori JAPAN WATCH SONY Employs…

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AMPO No. 91 / Vol. 24, No.1,(1993)

Stepping out: Japan and the PKO Overview: The SDF as an Instrument of Political Expression / Nambara Wataru The UN and the PKO Dispatch What Is the Issue? / Kawabe Ichiro Open Letters: Tsuda College and the UN Japan's Peace Movement in the Post-Cold War / Amano Yasukazu Voices from the SDF / SDF 110…

AMPO No. 91 / Vol. 24, No.1,(1993) はコメントを受け付けていません

AMPO No. 89 / Vol. 23, No.3,(1992)

Better Left Unsaid Overview: Money Won't Save the Earth The Politics of 'Sustainable Development' / Kitazawa Yoko Memoirs of a Japanese Environmentalist / Matsuoka Nobuo High-Tech Pollution / Kenmochi Kazumi Japan's Nuclear Energy Policies / Fukumoto Takao Nuclear Exports / Hama Asako Not in Our Bac…

AMPO No. 89 / Vol. 23, No.3,(1992) はコメントを受け付けていません

AMPO Nos. 84-85 / Vol. 22, Nos.2-3,(1991)

Two Decades: Lost or Gained? 20th AMPO Anniversary Overseas Messages to AMPO 20th AMPO Anniversary Interviews The Asia Women See and the Asia Women Struggle For Interview of Matsui Yayori / Douglas Lummis Women's Organization in Asia, Statistical Glance 1: Women 20th AMPO Anniversary The Darkness Th…

AMPO Nos. 84-85 / Vol. 22, Nos.2-3,(1991) はコメントを受け付けていません

AMPO No. 50 / Vol. 13, No.4 (1981)

'80s: WHERE JAPAN STANDS Labor Unity and Militancy in South Osaka / Sasahara Kyoko Three Years Later: Sanrizuka Farmers Continue to Ground Narita Airport / Morishima Reiji Interview with Sanrizuka Farmers: "Unless we join hands, none of us can make a living as farmers" Women Do Not Allow War! / Tono…

AMPO No. 50 / Vol. 13, No.4 (1981) はコメントを受け付けていません

AMPO No. 24 / Vol. 7, No. 2 (1975)

Eye of the times: On the Victory / Muto IchiyoBefore the Avalanche: Why the Saigon Army Melted Away / Trong PhuSouth Vietnam Political Prisoners Speak, Interview with Dang Thi Hien and Thien Thi Ta / Muto IchiyoPak Chung Hee: The Hangman Tightens His Noose / Kim Song JinKim Chi Ha… Rearrested: "Asce…

AMPO No. 24 / Vol. 7, No. 2 (1975) はコメントを受け付けていません

AMPO No. 18 (1973)

Eye of the times: Chile Coup Inspires Japanese Right-WingThe USS Midway's Homeporting at Yokosuka / Nagano YoshikoOne Decisive Step Toward US-Japan Imperial Complex / Nakazawa OsamuMovement to Free Vietnamese Political Prisoners Grows in JapanKidnapped: The Kim Case and the "Korean Connection" / Kit…

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AMPO No. 16 (1973)

People Oppose SDF Takeover of US Air Base / Mononobe NagaokiVote Without Power: The Communist Party of Japan and Bourgeois Politics / Muto IchiyoThe Aftermath: Japan in Southeast Asia / Kaji EtsukoThe Next Phase of the Movement -- Interview with Oda MakotoThe Worldwide Wings of JAL / Kitazawa YokoPo…

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AMPO Nos. 13-14 (1972)

Letters From Our Friends - Repression in Ceylon / Jaya VithanaEye of the Times -- Nothing to Offer: Tanaka Kakuei Steps into Power / Muto IchiyoPeasants' Guerrillas on Vietnam Second Front: A Report on the 25 Years' Struggle for the Land of Kitafuji / Kaji EtsukoRevolt of SDF SoldiersIcarus Falls: H…

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AMPO No. 2 (1969)

・AMPO 70, Part II: The Deal ・Massive Armed Uprisings Mark Sato's Departure for US ・AMPO Interviews Yoshikawa Yuichi

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