AMPO Nos. 13-14 (1972)

Letters From Our Friends - Repression in Ceylon / Jaya VithanaEye of the Times -- Nothing to Offer: Tanaka Kakuei Steps into Power / Muto IchiyoPeasants' Guerrillas on Vietnam Second Front: A Report on the 25 Years' Struggle for the Land of Kitafuji / Kaji EtsukoRevolt of SDF SoldiersIcarus Falls: H…

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AMPO Nos. 3-4 (1970)

AMPO 70, Part III: South Korea in the AMPO SystemOkinawa Workers StrikeDecember Elections: An Analysis - AMPO Interviews Ichiyo MutoThe Sanrizuka Farmers' StruggleJapanese Immigration Law, Brian Ryojun VictoriaVietnamese Students Struggle in JapanNotes on GI Organizing, Roger HobbitNews ItemsA Revie…

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AMPO No. 1 (1969)

・AMPO 70, Part I: The Security Treaty and Okinawa・AMPO Interviews Makoto Oda, Beheiren Chairman・Antiwar Day -- October 21・Beheiren, a New Force on the Left Tsurumi Yoshiyuki・The Story of a Deserter Yoshimura Takashi

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AMPO No. 2 (1969)

・AMPO 70, Part II: The Deal ・Massive Armed Uprisings Mark Sato's Departure for US ・AMPO Interviews Yoshikawa Yuichi

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