Japan’s New Historical Revisionists
JAPAN WATCH Why Was the Japanese Ambassador’s Residence Targeted? / Ota Masakuni
JAPAN WATCH Japan’s Postwar Compensation / Takagi Kenichi
JAPAN WATCH Two Years After the Kobe Quake / Munetoshi Katsuyuki
JAPAN WATCH “Preserving Ainu Culture” But Ignoring Their Rights / Koshida Kiyokazu
JAPAN WATCH The Strain of Unpaid Work Reactions to the Report by the Economic Planning Agency / Kitazawa Yoko
JAPAN WATCH Imperiled Agency Premier’s Council Proposes Dissolution of Environment Agency / Sakuma Tomoko
Focus on OKINAWA Legal Problems? Change the Law! Government Strengthens Its Discriminatory Policies Toward Okinawa / Jens Wilkinson
Focus on OKINAWA Okinawa in the U.S. Media / Rick Mercier
Special Issue: The Threat of Revisionist History
Special Issue: Historical Revisionism The Latest Wave of Revisionism / Jens Wilkinson
Special Issue: Historical Revisionism We Must No Longer Be Silent Why I Co-Sponsored the “Appeal by Concerned Koreans in Japan” / Soh Kyon-sik
Special Issue: Historical Revisionism Looking at History through the Eyes of the Other Discussion between Utsumi Aiko and Ishida Takeshi
Hong Kong Mixed Feelings: Hong Kong’s Return to China Interview with Len Guo
China The Hydro Mafia and the Three Gorges Dam / Sumi Kazuo
Burma “They Make a Desert and Call It Peace” SLORC’s War Aganist Shan State / Donald M. Seekins
ODA WATCH Proposal for ODA Reform
TNC WATCH Monitoring Nike in Indonesia / Saeki Natsuko
Book Review Broken Silence: Voices of Japanese Feminism / Valerie Fox