Superpower Interests versus People’s Security
JAPAN WATCH Flooding Ainu Lands : Test Filling Begins in the Nibutani Dam / Nakamura Yasutoshi
JAPAN WATCH Lay-Offs at Kanagawa Plant Reveals Obstacles Facing Foreign Workers / Jens Wilkinson
JAPAN WATCH Slight of Hand : The Revision of the Eugenics Protection Law / Ito Asahi
JAPAN WATCH Who Are the Real Colonialists? An Intervew with Prodemocrat Activist Aung Thu
Special Issue: Superpower Interests versus People’s Security
The Security Treaty The Balance-of-Power Doomsday Machine : Resurgent US Unilateralism, Regional Realpolitik, and the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty / Walden Bello
The Security Treaty : Voices from Asia
Okinawa: Don’t Move the Bases, Get Rid of Them An Interview with Sakihara Morihide
Okinawa: Reviving the Forests in the Bases An Interview with Urashima Etsuko
China: Expanding the Security Treaty / Yang Bojiang
Philippines: Security Treaty: Threat to Asian People Interview with Horacio “Boy” Morales
Philippines: Bases for U.S. Interests An Interview with Roland Simbulan
People’s Plan 21 Hope in Kathmandu: Third Major PP21 Program in South Asia / Muto Ichiyo
People’s Plan 21 The Sagarmatha Declaration
The Human Rights Debate Human Rights, Development and Religion / Chandra Muzaffar
Statement Upholding Justice and Democracy without Violence / INFID Statement