Security Treaty
JAPAN WATCH Monju Madness / Aileen Mioko Smith
JAPAN WATCH A First Test for the Draconian Anti-Subversive Activities Act From an Interview with Yokota Yuichi
JAPAN WATCH Political Maneuvers Threaten Religious Freedom / Claire Debenham
Special Issue: Time To Scrap The Security Treaty Overview: Time to Scrap the Security Pact / Jens Wilkinson and Koshida Kiyokazu
The Security Treaty U.S. Strategy and the Bases / Umebayashi Hiromichi
The Security Treaty Lessons from Okinawa / Rick Mercier
The Security Treaty The Bases Seen by High School Students / Nishi Tomoko
The Security Treaty Life Under the Threat of the Bases
– Reports from Iwakuni Marine Base, Camp Zama, Yokota Air Base, Atsugi Naval Air Base, The Dangers of Low-Altitude Flight Training, Yokosuka Naval Base
Reference : Japan-U.S. Joint Declaration on Security Alliance for the 21st Century
The Security Treaty An Appeal for the Recognition of Women’s Human Rights
The Security Treaty Past Articles in AMPO on the Treaty, the Bases and Okinawa (Numbers in parentheses indicate issue in which article appeared)
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