SPECIAL REPORT The Phoenix of 1984: A Vibrant Democratic Mass Movement Erupts in South Korea / Chang Paek-San
A Close Encounter With the Korean Democratic Movement / Mizushima Yu
Grass-roots Movements in the Japanese Archipelago: Ideas and Experiences / Hanasaki Kohei
The Ainu: Struggle for Survival and Dignity / Murayama Tomi
Report on Japanese Economuy Japanese Economic Outlook for 1985 / Itoh Makoto
What the World Looks Like Through the Japanese Mass Media: Japan Takes Leave of “Asia” Conversation between Kogawa Tetsuo and Douglas Lummis
More Pollution Export by Japan Nuclear Waste Dumping Exposed in Malaysia / Yamaka Junko
East Timor: Extermination of a People in a Diplomatic Deadlock / Elsie Smiles