Labor Unity and Militancy in South Osaka / Sasahara Kyoko
Three Years Later: Sanrizuka Farmers Continue to Ground Narita Airport / Morishima Reiji
Interview with Sanrizuka Farmers: “Unless we join hands, none of us can make a living as farmers”
Women Do Not Allow War! / Tono Haruhi
Class Struggle in Postwar Japan: Its Past, Present and Future No.1 / Muto Ichiyo
The Rise of the S.D.F.: Rushing Towards Remilitization / Fujii Haruo
Touching the Pulse of the Philippine Revolution / Murayama Toshio
The Hidden Foundation of Nuclear Power: Radiation and Discontent for Subcontracted Workers / Yamaka Junko
Japanese Transnationals & Asian Trainees: A Key to Invasion / Nishikawa Atsushi
Book Review: “Down with Computopia!”, Computers… The New Tool to Control Workers / Okada Osamu
The Pacific Economic Community At Work: Japanese Paper Companies Come to Papua New Guinea / Robert James