Eyewitness Reports From NPA & MNLF Fronts in the Philippines
Park’s Death: South Korean Events in Wider Perspective / Yamakawa Akio
Japanese Conservative Politics Undeterred by Election Defeat / Yamakawa Akio
Reports from NPA and MNLF Fronts in the Philippines <> / Lawrence T. Johnson
Torture and III-Treatment of Political Prisoners in Malaysia / Fan Yew Teng
The Indochina Debate: Where Terror Exists, Socialism Does Not / Peggy Duff
Some Lessons from the Kampuchean and Indonesian Tragedies / A.R.T. Kemasang
Socialism Must Have a Human Face — Some Reflection on Kampuchea, Vietnam and China / Kun Nong
PARC TNE Paper Mindanao: Development and Marginalization / Third World Studies, University of the Philippins System
PARC TNE Paper Development as Dependence: Japanese Inroads into the Brazilian Economy / Kitazawa Yoko
Palau Takes on Japanese Industry and The Pentagon / Arakawa Shunji
Okinawa Eight Years After Reversion / Okada Osamu