Japanese Industries: Recession and Beyond / Sasao Hisashi
South Korea 1975: The Year of Cynicism / James Stenzel
Kawasaki Steel: The Giant Abroad / Wilfredo Salvatierra
Kawasaki Steel: The Giant at Home / Kaji Etsuko
Ten Years of Struggle: Sanrizuka and Its Links with Asia / Tomura Issaku
Thai Peasants’ Leaders Murdered / Din Nardon
Last Interview with Intha Sriboonruang
Marcos Bans Strikes “To Encourage Trade Unionism”
Profile: Tanaka Seigen, Maverick Errand Boy for the Right
Minamata: An Ongoing Struggle / Karin Junkerman
Interview with Ui Jun: Minamata Disease in Canada
Bangkok: Slum Dwellers Unite To Save Their Homes / Mitome Tadao and Arai Toru
Tan Wah Piow Refuses Conscription
Letters from Filipino Political Prisoners
The Development of the Chromium Pollution Struggle: The Voices of the People of Japan and South Korea Encircle Nihon Kagaku / The Action Committee to Stop Toyama Kagaku’s Pollution Export
The Japanese Emperor System Today — Review of Books and Ideologies — / Iida Momo