The Politics of Garbage
JAPAN WATCH The Shimodate Incident From an Interview with Takahashi Hiromichi
JAPAN WATCH Slavery International Solidarity for Three Thai Women Victims of Modern Slavery Shimodate Court Case, Japan
JAPAN WATCH Giving the SDF New Fangs / Ikeda Itsunori
JAPAN WATCH SONY Employs Dirty Tactics Against Unionists in Mexico Compiled from E-mail Bulletins
JAPAN WATCH Policy Proposals Concerning the IMF and World Bank Japan Bretton Woods Coalition, April 1994
The Politics of Garbage Special Issue: Overview: Japan’s Hazardous Waste Exports / Kumamoto Kazuki
Special Issue: Exporting Dirty Industry From an Interview with Kojima Nobuo
Special Issue: Garbage Exports, ODA, and the People who Live on Garbage / Fuke Yosuke
The Recycling Society Through the Eyes of a Junkdealers / Higashi Tatsuo
Special Issue: Nuclear Curse A Report from Rokkasho-Mura / Shimada Kei
Professor Overby’s Quest to Spread the Word of Article Nine / Lead by Douglas Lummis
A Quest for Peace with Article 9 / Charles Overby
PP21: A Step in a Process / Muto Ichiyo
The Battle for APCET Indonesia Tries “Transborder Dictatorship” / Jean Inglis