POST-SHOWA JAPAN The State of the Nation
Will the Future be OURS?: We Propose a People’s Plan for the 21st Century
Japanese Agricultural Today: Decaying at the Roots / Ohno Kazuoki
Self-Revitalization Within Japanese Rural Communities / Saga Ichiro
Confronting Japanese Racism: Toward a Korean Identity / Kajimura Hideki
Securitization and New Trend of the Acquisition of the Third World’s Assets / Motoyama Yoshihiko
Japanese ODA: Politics of Strategic Assistance / Kaneko Fumio
Possibilities of New Internationalism: North and South — A View from Japan / Muto Ichiyo
Toward our own Future Ainu’s Self-Assertion within Japan / Narita Tokuhei
Toward our own Future Inspiration for an Alternative Society – Looking within yourself / Chandra Muzaffar
TAIWAN The Power of Opposition Blowing through the Grassroots of Taiwan / Suga Akiko
TAIWAN Drawing from the Past: Continuity in Democratization Movement / Tung Yi-hsiung
TAIWAN Tarnish on the Shining NIE, Interview with Liu Chin-King
Korea: on the Process of Reorganization toward Unity / Chang Paek-san
INSIDE JAPAN Hirohito: A Nation Grieves? / Tom Gill
INSIDE JAPAN Militarization’s Blind Destruction of Shiraho Seashore / Kenmochi Kazumi
INSIDE JAPAN A Global View on the Agricultural Crisis -Report from the International Symposium on Rice and Self-Reliance in Food / Furusawa Koyu
INSIDE JAPAN Why Apartheid and Asia Now? - Report from the Anti-Apartheid Asia Oceania Workshop / Saso Hiroo
Japanese Nuclear Power: The Facts of Danger are ALL WE NEED TO TELL Interview with Hirose Takashi