Japanese industry Moves out Expansion abroad, depression at home
OISCA: From a classroom in Shizuoka to a paddyfield in Thailand, initials which spell nationalism / Hayashi Masayuki
Setting Up Shop: Cutting labor costs, evading trade barriers, across Asia, Europe and USA, a rash of Japanese companies speckles the map. / Kitazawa Yoko
Shutting Up Shop: Back home, unemployment reaches record levels as demand for labor falls. They call it the “hollowing” of Japan’s economy. / Kitazawa Yoko
The hollowing: A new threat to Japan’s super-economy / Kenmochi Kazumi
INSIDE JAPAN Nakasone’s “Anti-espionage bill” threatens human right / Sunami Shunsuke
Education for an Unconciousness: Douglass Lummis interviews Matsuda Manabu, a Student at the College of Nisho Gakusha
Where there’s life there’s hope: The struggle for survival continues in East Timor Interview with Mimi Ferreira, Fretilin activist in Australia and with Monsignor M. da Costa Lopes
A worker’s suicide: The final statement of Kim Moon-Su to the Seoul High Court
Sea of Tranquility: A human chain for peace embraces the Pacific / Umebayashi Hiromichi
Flashpoint Korea: Where nuclear war is a real threat / Chung Kyungmo
“A gift to the government”: Jose Maria Sison casts a cold eye on the Philippine ceasefire
The view from Bangkok: On economic relations with Tokyo / Itoh Makoto
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