The challenge facing Japanese women
Redefining the state: Nakasone’s election victory and after / Muto Ichiyo
Superwomen next door / Yamato Setsuko
Strengthening the Web - 15 years of Japanese Women’s Activism / Inoue Reiko
Myth and Reality: Institutional Reform for Women / Hayashi Yoko
Remolding Tennoism for Modern Japan / Kano Mikiyo
From Mexico to Nairobi - How Far?   Interview with Matsui Yayori
Herded into the Labor Market / Kaji Etsuko
Micro-Electronics: For Women the Technology of Oppression / Nakajima Keiko
Women on the Labor Front / Takagi Sumiko
An Ageing Society: Who Will Bear the Burden? / Kitazawa Yoko
Weary Wives -ー A glance into Japanese homes through “Wives of a Kingdom” and “Housewives’ Autumn” / Takahashi Sachiko
The Japanese Sex Industry: a Heightening Appetite for Asian Women / Tono Haruhi
Revision of the prostitution law: a menace to human rights / Ida Keiko
I am Ainu, am I not? / Chikap Mieko
Korean Women Refuse Fingerprinting / Utsumi Aiko
My Body Belongs to Me: Women fight against a retrogressive revision of the Eugenic Protection Law / Ohashi Yukako
Women’s Power in Regional Movements : Women opposing authoritarianism Interview with Yanagiya Akiko
Women’s Power in Regional Movements : Japanese women take on the U.S. Army Interview with Okubo Rakue
Women’s Power in Regional Movements : A women in the anti-nuke and anti-U.S. Base movement Interview with Toyama Noriko
Guide to Japanese Women’s Organizations
INSIDE JAPAN Nakasone’s blow to railway workers / Nakajima Makoto
INSIDE JAPAN Land Prices: The Crazy Spiral Continues / Yoshioka Shinobu
Letters from Readers from editor