10th Anniversary Program of the Pacific-Asia Resources Center
“Opening Up Our Future in Asian-Pacific Solidarity, Rethinking Japan’s Overseas Economic Cooperation”
International Solidarity Manifesto
For a Common Future with the People of Asia: Revitalizing of the Japanese Movement / Okada Osamu
Messages from Overseas to PARC’s 10th Anniversary
Statement of the Overseas Participants at the International Seminar
Action Plan
Demands and Resolutions
Keynote Report: Ideology of Aid and People’s Solidarity / Muto Ichiyo
Japan’s Overseas “Aid” Paves the Way for a New “Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere” / Tsuchiya Takeo
The Japanese Economy and the Third World / Kitazawa Yoko
THE NEW FACE OF AGGRESSION: “Aid” in the 1980s
The Philippines: The Crisis Deepens
Bangladesh: A People Under Martial Law
Thailand: “Aid”, Dependence, and Poverty
Malaysia: Looking East = Losing Sight of the People
Indonesia: Profits for Foreign Capital, Power for the Generals, Poverty for the People
Belau: Saving the Land for the People
Japanese Technical “Assistance” to Rural Areas of Thailand / Tahara Masako
Malaysia’s Look East Policy and Japanese Expansionism / Johan Saravanamuttu
1983 in Review The Year the Bullet Rang Out (Philipppines) / Jo-Ann Q. Maglipon
Anti-Tamil Riots and the Political Crisis in Sri Lanka / Special Studies Circle of the Workers-Peasants Institute