Miki: Front Man for the Right / Yamakawa Akio
Victory at Sea: Fishing Fleet Puts Japan’s Nuclear Ship Out of Action / Kaji Etsuko
The Current Status of Nuclear Power Development in Japan / Uchiyama Takuro
Nuclear Reactors: Risking the Ultimate Pollution
AMPO Editor Testifies at UN: Japan-South Africa Uranium Deal Exposed / Kitazawa Yoko
Protest Stalls Japan-ROK Nuclear Ambotions
Profile: Kodama Yoshio, Godfather of the Japanese Right
Poems by Kim Chi Ha: “The Crime of Touching the Ground…”
South Korea’s Blue-House: The KCIA in the Bedroom and a Ford in the Garage / Hasegawa Kazuto
Japan-Korea Mutual Corruption Sphere: “Money Doesn’t Fall from the Sky, You Know…” / Nakazawa Osamu
Pollution Export: Cutting Off the Retreat / Hirayama Takasada
CIA (Cultural Imperialism in Action): Imperial CHIC — The “Family State” Myth as Pop Culture
Thieu vs. the People: A Match He Cannot Win / John Spragens, Jr.
Letter from the Thai Movement
Interview with Saeksan: Thailand — The Golden Age of Students Comes to an End
Free Ishikawa! 400-Year Liberation Struggle of Outcaste Burakumin at New Height / Koyano Takeshi
As Arbitrary in Exit as in Entrance: Japanese Capital’s Behavior in Thailand / Tsurumi Yoshiyuki
Dishonorable “White”: Japanese Capital Buys into Apartheid / Kitazawa Yoko
Mass Arrests in Malaysia, Letter from Malaysia by Selamat Ahmad Kamal
Students and Labor Leaders Framed in Singapore
The Soh Brothers’ Case: Tortured in Pak’s Prisons
Nobel Peace Prize to Sato!?