AMPO No. 90 / Vol. 23, No.4,(1992)

The Ghost Ride! Asian Migrant Workers in Japan Overview: An Interview with Koyama Kaoru, Forum on Asian Immigrant Workers Human Traffic into Japan Bringing Workers from Indonesia and Malaysia / K.B. Labor in Disguise Trainees in Japan / Hatade Akira (CALL Network) The "Saronpasu" Workers Philippine …

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AMPO Nos. 40-41 / Vol. 11, No. 2-3 (1979)

Theater as Struggle asian people's drama The Stones of Satire: The Asian Political Theaters / Tsuno Kaitaro Korea: Chinogi / Kim Chi Ha The Philippines: The People's Worship / Rev. J. Elias Thailand: Ugly Jasean / Areeya Mitrasu Okinawa: The House of Man / Chinen Seishin

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AMPO No. 23 / Vol. 7, No. 1 (1975)

Miki: Front Man for the Right / Yamakawa AkioVictory at Sea: Fishing Fleet Puts Japan's Nuclear Ship Out of Action / Kaji EtsukoThe Current Status of Nuclear Power Development in Japan / Uchiyama TakuroNuclear Reactors: Risking the Ultimate PollutionAMPO Editor Testifies at UN: Japan-South Africa Ur…

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AMPO Nos. 21-22 / Vol. 6, No. 3-4 (1974)

Conference of Asians: Towards the Unity of Asian PeoplesThe Blood of Malayan Political Prisoners / A Staff ReporterSingapore: The Price of Progress / A Staff ReporterInterview with Chung Kyung Mo: "We Koreans are not Alone"Interview with Snan Vongsuthee: On the Thai Labor MovementForeign Capital Inv…

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AMPO No. 19 / Vol. 6, No. 1 (1974)

Eye of the times: Glimmering Hope for Unity of Asian Working Peoples / Muto IchiyoPetroleum and Political Vision: Coming to the Crunch / Yamakawa AkioPak Chung Hee vs. the People: The Collision Course in South Koea / Hasegawa KazutoInterview with Watanabe Tsutomu: A Single Spark May Start a Prairie …

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AMPO Nos. 3-4 (1970)

AMPO 70, Part III: South Korea in the AMPO SystemOkinawa Workers StrikeDecember Elections: An Analysis - AMPO Interviews Ichiyo MutoThe Sanrizuka Farmers' StruggleJapanese Immigration Law, Brian Ryojun VictoriaVietnamese Students Struggle in JapanNotes on GI Organizing, Roger HobbitNews ItemsA Revie…

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