Eye of the times: Glimmering Hope for Unity of Asian Working Peoples / Muto Ichiyo
Petroleum and Political Vision: Coming to the Crunch / Yamakawa Akio
Pak Chung Hee vs. the People: The Collision Course in South Koea / Hasegawa Kazuto
Interview with Watanabe Tsutomu: A Single Spark May Start a Prairie Fire: Militant Strike Flares at Motoyama Plant
Parliamentarians of Oppression / Wada Haruki
Interview with Ui Jun: Petrochemical Pollution and People’s Power
Profile: Sasakawa Ryoichi Impressario of the Japanese Right / K. Y.
A Letter to Fellow Thai Activists / Sulak Sivalak
The Ten Days that Shook Thailand / Stewart Meacham
C.I.A. (Cultural Imperialism in Action): “No More Fun and Games” / Muro Kenji
Why Japanese Ham Won’t Rot: A Scientist Warns about the Peril of Food Additives / Takahashi Kosei
Kra Canal or Kracodile / Kenneth O’Hara