A New Nationalism?
JAPAN WATCH The Tokai Criticality Accident Its Severity, the Cover-up, and People’s Perspectives / Hosokawa Komei
JAPAN WATCH A New Move for the Labor Movement A Union for the Unemployed / Koyano Takeshi
JAPAN WATCH The Situation of Nojukusha in Japan / The Network for Campaigns Supporting Nojukusha
JAPAN WATCH Campaign against Genetically Modified Foods / Yasuda Setsuko
JAPAN WATCH Enclose the Airport with Agriculture The New Struggle of Citizen and Farmers’ for Narita / Ohno Kazuoki
JAPAN WATCH The Kabutoyama Case 25 Years of Criminal Inquisition / Michael H. Fox
JAPAN WATCH Long-term Care Insurance System: Privatizing Social Welfare An Interview with Fukushi Yoshiko
Special Issue: A New Nationalism?
A New Nationalism? Japan Makes a Sharp Turn to Right / Ishikawa Masumi
A New Nationalism? “Pacifism” or “War-ism” Japan’s Direction in 21st Century / Oda Makoto
A New Nationalism? Japan’s Servile Nationalism / Kan Sanjun
A New Nationalism? The Dilemma of Representative Democracy and the Nation-State / Ogura Toshimaru
A New Nationalism? From a Class Party to a National Party: Japanese Communist Party Survives through the Worldwide Decline of Communist Parties An Interview with Kato Tetsuro
A New Nationalism? Report from the Upper House / Fukushima Mizuho
Intensified State Control over People: Three Reports from Schools and Working
The Legalization of Hinomaru and Kimigayo Puts Pressure on Teachers / Nagasawa Toshio (a teacher at a public high school)
For Self-governance of High Schools: Our Attempt / Suzuki Akisada (a teacher at a public high school)
Intensified Control over Workers: the Case of the Japanese Postal Service / Teito Kiyoshi (the Japan Postal Workers Union)
“We Will Build Our Country Ourselves” The People of East Timor Work towards the Construction of a New Country / Ishida Nobuko
Welfare and Well-Being in Modern Mexico / David Barkin