Development: Views from Japanese NGOs
JAPAN WATCH The ODA Bid-Rigging Scandal Interview with Murai Yoshinori
JAPAN WATCH The Profits of Rice The 1993 Crop Failure and the End of the Postwar Food System / Ono Kazuoki
JAPAN WATCH Batangas’ “Development Refugees” and Japanese ODA / Ueda Taketomo
Special Issue: Overview: NGOs in Japan / Kitazawa Yoko
Special Issue: Networking for People’s Empowerment Interview with Shibata Hisashi (JVC)
Special Issue: Experiment for Self-Sustained Society Interview with Ono Kazuoki
Special Issue: From Confrontation to Partnership Interview with Iwasaki Shunsuke (People’s Forum 2001, Japan)
Special Issue: Clash of Visions: Looking Toward the Social Development Summit / Mushakoji Kinhide
Special Issue: The End of Development The Challenge is how to manage this process…’ – from the Report of the Chairman, Preparatory Committee World Summit for Social Development / Douglas Lummis
A Socialist Prime Minister? The LDP-SDPJ Coallition and the Breakdown of the Left / Kan Takayuki
Will Japan Go Nuclear? / Tanaka Yuki
Book Review: Global Ecology – A New Arena of Political Conflict / Jim Stockton