No Longer Forgetten: The Ainu Plus: Japanese Media
Special Issue Overview: From a “Perishing-People” to Self-Determination / Koshida Kiyokazu
Special Issue Getting Back Our Islands An Interview with Akibe Tokuhei on the “Northern Territories”
Special Issue DAMN The Nibutani Dam An Interview with Kaizawa Koichi
Special Issue The Golf War on Mt. Kotan / Totsuka Miwako
Special Issue The Foods of Our Elders / Keira Tomoko
Special Issue Poetry: “The Song of the Owl God”
Special Issue False Images The Ainu in School Textbooks / Chiri Mutsumi
Special Issue “Death in the City” — Ainu in Tokyo An Interview with Kitahara Kiyoko of Kanto Utari Kai
Special Issue Chronology of Contact: the Ainu and The Japanese
Special Issue Appendix A: A Proposal For Legislation Concerning The Ainu People / Adopted at the General Meeting of the Ainu Association of Hokkaido
Special Issue Appendix B: Inauguration Speech, U.N. General Assembly, 10 December 1992 / Ainu Association of Hokkaido (Japan) Nomura Giichi
JAPAN WATCH Poisoned Aid for Cambodia / Kanda Hiroshi
JAPAN WATCH Poisoned Aid for Cambodia / Kanda Hiroshi
JAPAN WATCH “Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire” The Victims of the Mobara Incident An Interview with Oshima Shizuko
JAPAN WATCH Cinderella Blues – A Rap Lyric for Our Time – / Douglas Lummis
DIALOGUE: The Managed Society Part 3: Control and the Media / Kogawa Tetsuo & Douglas Lummis
JAPAN WATCH BOOK REVIEW: Burning the Rising Sun / Elson Boles
JAPAN WATCH The Significance of the “Rising Sun” Trial
A Unique Japanese Thinker Remembering Maeda Toshihiko / Yoshikawa Yuichi
Letters from Our Readers