The Ghost Ride! Asian Migrant Workers in Japan
Overview: An Interview with Koyama Kaoru, Forum on Asian Immigrant Workers
Human Traffic into Japan Bringing Workers from Indonesia and Malaysia / K.B.
Labor in Disguise Trainees in Japan / Hatade Akira (CALL Network)
The “Saronpasu” Workers Philippine Trainees Organize a Union / Kanetsuki Kiyoshi
Women from Thailand / Matsuda Mizuho
Life in the Yoseba / Kobayashi Kengo
Marriage Woes / Kariura Masayoshi (ALS no Kai)
Solidarity in Nagoya The Story of ALS (Asian Labor Solidarity) no Kai An Interview with Father Kariura Masayoshi
Death in Japan The Health System / Takayama Toshio
“Coming Back” to Japan The Nikkei Workers / Montse Watkins
Life as a Ghost A Poem by an Iranian migrant worker
Legal of Illegal? Iranians in Japan / Mitsu Takeshi
Foreign Workers in a Racist World / Oda Makoto
Dialogue: Kanri-Shakai – The Managed Society, Series 1 / Kogawa Tetsuo and Douglas Lummis
Whose “Northern Islands?” / Ota Masakuni
INSIDE JAPAN The Mitsubishi/Asian Rare Earth Affair Malaysian Villagers fight pollution exports:
INSIDE JAPAN Forgotten Issues! The Upper House Elections
INSIDE JAPAN Secrecy and Security The Japanese Government’s Plutonium Packages
THAILAND: After the May massacre, Crisis in Democracy Report on an International Fact-Finding Mission to Thailand on the Events in Bangkok of 17th-21st May 1992
Book Review BURMA Insurgency and the Politics of Ethnicity / Jens Wilkinson
Declaration of Managua 29th August 1992