The Gulf War, Japan, and the “New World Order” THE JAPANESE REACTION TO THE GULF WAR
Chipping Away at Japan’s Peace Constitution / Kan Takayuki
Women Hold a Speak-Out Against the Gulf War
Preempting the SDF Christian Groups Carry Out Refugee Evacuation / Yamano Shigeko
Suing for the Right to Live in Peace Japanese Citizens Demand an End to War Taxes
Another Iron Storm (Okinawa) 50 Years after Thier Own Devastation, Okinawans Protest the Bombing of Iraq / Miyagi Etsujiro
International Conflict Cannot Be Resolved by Military Force, An interview with Yoshikawa Yuichi, Coordinator for the Concerned Citizens of Japan
Japan Steps Off the U.S. Path, interview with Mojtaba Sadria on Japanese Reactions to the Gulf War
Seeing the War from the Ground, Interview with Saito Chiyo on her return from Iraq
A Nation of Conscientious Objectors / Oda Makoto
Abstract Criticism Japan Debates the Peace Constitution / Amano Yoshikazu
INSIDE JAPAN Monarch Mission (Emperor’s ASEAN Visit) Japan Sends Emperor Akihito to Do its Dirty Work / Kimoto Shigeo
INSIDE JAPAN “You Are Not Alone” APFS Provides Solidarity for Foreign Workers in Japan, Interview with APFS
CALABARZON PHILIPPINES The Philippines’ New Mega-project: Just More of the Same? / Ohashi Seiko
CALABARZON PHILIPPINES Cavite: Farmers “Developed” Off Their Lands / Fujimoto Nobuki
CALABARZON PHILIPPINES Calaca: ODA Fuels a Dirty Power Plant / Kojima Nobuo
CALABARZON PHILIPPINES Another “Japanese Miracle”?, interview with Harada Yasushi
Poisoned Factories & Techno-fantasies in Malaysia / Jim Stockton
Book Review Twisted Reports: Media Reactions to a Rape/Murder A Review of Two Books / Jean Inglis
Book Review An Introduction to the Rebel – Poet Oguma Hideo / Douglas Lummis