Japanese Official Destruction & Alienation
The Aid Business
Just What is ODA?
Pawns in the Game: Development Consulting Firms
The Secret Life of ODA
Case Studies Aid and Development: Two Sides of the Coin
PHILIPPINE Dragging the Philippines Further into Debt
A Showcase of Japanese High Technology: Outpatient Department of the Philippine General Hospital
The Top-Down Mechanism of Agricultural Development Aid
INDONESIA Aid for the Japanese Economy
Insensitivity or Menace? The Borobudul National Historic Park
The Tragic Results of a Cooperative Loan: The Kedung Ombo Dam Project
THAILAND Building Roads for Japanese Investment
Thailand Cultural Center Better to Call It Japanese?
PACIFIC ISLANDS Japanese Aid Nets the Pacific Islands
Conclusion It’s No Puzzle: “For whom and for what is the aid?”
INSIDE JAPAN The 1990 General Elections: Illusions of Fluidity Interview with Yoshikawa Yuichi
INSIDE JAPAN Terror, Taboo and Silence: Speaking Out on the Emperor System / Nakagawa Nobuaki, Emperor System Information Center
INSIDE JAPAN Unions’s Struggle across the Border Mass Dismissals at Korea Sumida
INSIDE JAPAN Fighting for Dignity: The First Filipino Union in Japan Interview with Philippine organizers in Japan