Narita Opens. For How Long? / Muto Ichiyo & Okada Osamu
Plowing Sand at Sanrizuka ー Fukuda Still Imagines He Can Have His Airport / Muto Ichiyo
Victory in the Control Tower Stops Narita Cold / Okada Osamu
Kriangsak’s Public Relations Campaign to Save the Junta / National Anti-Fascism Front of Thailand
Film Review: “Tongpan” “Who Are Those Hired Hands?”
The Ninth King — A Tale of Palace Intrigue in Modern Thailand / Phuu Phaakphuum
Document: The White Book of the Indonesian Student Movement
FKTU’s Action Squads Battle Korean Workers / Kim Chang Soo
Rockefeller’s Men in Tokyo: A Guide to the Japanese Membership of the Trilateral Commission / Takano Hajime
New Asia News Package
The Japanese Coastal Fishing People’s Struggle: “We Won’t Let the Sea Die” / Okada Osamu & Yamaka Junko
Japanese Interests in the Philippines Fishing Industry / Third World Studies University of the Philippines System
The World of Epic: An Interview with Tomiyama Taeko (Director of “Chained Hands in Prayer”)
Slide Review: “Chained Hands in Prayer” / Hanazaki Kohei
Japan’s Petrochemical Promiscuity / Nakano Kenji
SMON: The Human Cost of Drug Industry Profits / Group of Plaintiffs of SMON Suit at the Tokyo District Court