Eye of the times: Nixon Doctrine Over Japan / Nakazawa Osamu
On the Boycott Movement: Dynamics of Imperialist Politics / Ohara Ken
“Freedom for Political Prisoners!” The Japanese Movement to Free Political Prisoners in S. Vietname / Fukutomi Setsuo
Interview with Father Thi on Vietnam, Japan, Asia
Women Fight For Control: Abortion Struggle in Japan / Nagano Yoshiko
Interview with Ui Jun: “People’s Power is Only Pollution Counter-measure”
Interview with Higuchi Tokuzo: Labor Movement in Japan, Its Present & Future
IHI: A Fake “Kingdom of Shipbuilding” / Murata Goro
A Myth of Medicine: A Warning to the World on Internal Pollution / Takahashi Kosei
Medical Imperialism: SEAMHO and Its Background / Kaji Etsuko