Jubilee 2000 in Okinawa
Schedule Jubilee 2000 International Conference in Okinawa
Jubilee 2000 Japan: the first but revolutionary step / Kitazawa Yoko, Co-chair of Jubilee 2000 Japan
Discussions on the ‘Call’ and ‘Consensus’ Appeal to the G7 Leaders (The Second Draft) Consensus Statement of the Jubilee 2000 Campaign Okinawa Conference (The Second Draft)
The transcription of the Discussion / Dan Driscoll-Shaw, Moderator
Uganda The Time to Act Is Now! Creditors and Donors Must Heed Our Call / Charlotte Mwesigye, Jubilee 2000 UGANDA
Haiti Haiti and Debt: Paying Papa Doc’s debt / Camille Chalmers, PAPDA
Labor Unions We are not asking for charity but for social justice / Lawrence Egulu, ICFTU-AFRO
Why are we still arguing? / Michel P. Besha, OATUU
Debts are not a gift / Toe Joseph, DOAWTU
UK The G8’s Island Mentality / Adrian Lovett, Jubilee 2000 UK Coalition
South Africa Cancel the odious, illegitimate, Apartheid Debt / Neville Gabriel, Jubilee 2000 South Africa
Call to the G7 Leaders
Consensus Statement of the Jubilee 2000 International Conference Okinawa, 19 – 21 July 2000
Media Statement Okinawa, 21 July 2000, IMMEDIATE Statement by Jubilee 2000 On the G7 Announcement on Debt
Post Jubilee 2000 Japan Network on Debt and Poverty / kitazawa Yoko (Letter from Yoko Kitazawa, No. 19)