The Life and Times of The Shrimp an Anatomy of Exploitation
The life and times of shrimp From Third World seas to Japanese tables / Murai Yoshinori
People who Raise Shrimp — The Life of Syahrur / Utsumi Aiko
Indonesia: Fat prawns for Japan, slim pickings for the fisherpeople / Fuke Yosuke
Shrimp-harvesting: The Case of Makmur Pane, a descendant of the aristocracy / Utsumi Aiko
India: Fisherpeople unite to fight exploitation in prawn trade / Nakamura Hisashi
History: How we got our appetite for shrimp / Mizuno Yu
A shrimp’s-eye view of Japanese eating habits / Tsunoda Kimie
Japan: Last stage of the journey: The distribution system for frozen shrimp / Miyauchi Taisuke
Factpack: The nuts and bolts of Gov’t policy on shrimp / Kihara Yoshifumi