INSIDE JAPAN Sanya: Another man murdered amidst laborers’ continued struggle / Inoue Reiko
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The Economy Japan’s Trade War ー Causes and implications / Itoh Makoto
Tenno vs. the People (Part 2) ー A Historical Review / Inoue Kiyoshi
Book Review: A selection of writing on Tennoism / Kan Takayuki
Beyond the New Left (Part 2 – II): In Search of a Radical Base in Japan / Muto Ichiyo & Inoue Reiko
Forum on Socialist Theory ー Unique brainstorming session for Japan’s activists and academics / Iida Momo
What the World Looks Like Through the Japanese Mass Media: Japanese Corporatism’s dirty mind, Conversation between Kogawa Tetsuo and Douglas Lummis
Focus on Thailand: Organizing for real development / Inoue Reiko