Greater Cooperation… And Growing Contradictions: Post-Vietnam Japan-US Relations / Yamakawa Akio
Liberated Vietnam: First Fruits of Revolution / Ito Ken
The Post-Vietnam Militarization of ROK Society / Malcolm Fleming
Declaration of Conscience from Prison / Kim Chi Ha
Okinawa Greets The Imperial Family “Yamato Keep Out” / Kaji Etsuko and Koyano Takeshi
Thailand Behind the July 4 Incident: Fascism for the Future? / CODAP
Securing Micronesia… for the Pentagon / Roger W. Gale
Guam: Vietnamese Demand a Speedy Return / Carl S.K. Young
Labor Movement — A New Japanese Export Item: Rightwing Unions’ International Activities / Muto Ichiyo and Matsuo Kei
Where are We Headed? Discussion of Women’s Liberation / Fujieda Mioko
Indonesia’s PERTAMINA and the Politics of Dependence / Sun Tze
Hexavalent Chromium Pollution / Hara Taira and Dexter Tanaka